Slim Line POD Sauna Bed
"The Healer"
  1. SlimLIne POD Sauna Bed
    SlimLIne POD Sauna Bed
    Features: The SlimLine POD pre-set programs offer an overwhelming relaxing sensory experience. The 4 programs plus a customized program can be adjusted at the touch of a button to always have the perfect setting for individual needs of the clients. Either the staff or the client can make those adjustments.
  2. SlimeLine POD Sauna Bed
    SlimeLine POD Sauna Bed
    SlimLine POD is a unique and different approach in the spa, salon or beauty industry. Its future forward services will offer your business a significant point of difference in a continuously growing and competitive market. It is a safe and comfortable experience for all who have used the SlimLine POD..
  3. Slimeline POD Sauna Bed
    Slimeline POD Sauna Bed
    Features of the SlimLine POD: Dry Heat, controlled for individual comfort. Up to 178° F or (81c) Body Chamber LED lights, Red and Yellow or just Red or just Yellow. Yellow (585nm) Red (660nm) Aromas: four unique formulations. Cleansing, Relaxation, Health and Vigor Vibratory Massage Bed, heated and ergonomic comfortable shape. Cool Facial Air, cooling for the face Wake-Up Chime, 2 minutes before the session ends. Four Pre-set programs and one customized: Cleanse, Condition, Contour and Core Strength.

SlimeLinePOD Sauna Bed
    SlimeLinePOD Sauna Bed
    Steps: PREPARE  HYDRATE  STIMULATE  ACCELERATE  INCREASE  TRANSFORM your body: Get inside POD and press “START”: enjoy!